December 2017 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Flo Valdez, Franklin HS in El Paso, TX.

PURPLE BALL WASH:  conditioning and concentration

Teams are in starting rotation on each side of the net.  Team A serves to Team B and the ball is played out; the team that won the point gets a free ball. Free balls are sent out continuously to the team winning the free ball this continues for 90 seconds at which time the next free ball sent out is a PURPLE BALL, this is the only one that counts for a point. 

The team that wins the PURPLE BALL wins the serve and gets to rotate.  The team that makes a full rotation is the team that wins the game.  Obviously the PURPLE BALL may be any color you would like for it to be and usually is one of your school colors.  This drill forces concentration and works on conditioning!  and lots of FUN!!

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