The October Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

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Tip by Greg Smith of Spokane, WA. 

Do NOT practice to perfection!

Used timed drills instead of outcome based drills (10 perfect passes). Avoid, "we will keep doing this until you get it right!!"  I feel during the 20 or so minutes trying to get it perfect we do more imperfection versus perfection and reinforce bad habits. If players are truly struggling during a skill based drill, then it is our responsibility to break it down into smaller pieces or teach it a different way!  One other option is to use a results based outcome, but within a certain time limit. This will increase ergency and intensity and I can see progress in the skill based on "beating the time" by more and more as we practice!  Remember, Rome was not built in just one practice!

P.S. Coach Speasl also says, "Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent."

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