Coach Speasl's October Coaching Tip

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Post-Game Meetings:

After the game when I have my post game meetings, or during practice when I call a quick team meeting to work on skills or issues, I’ve trained my teams to give me their undivided attention. When season starts I explain to them that when we have a meeting I want eye contact with all of them for the entire meeting. Too often players will have their eyes down, tying their shoe, will be taking off their knee pads, etc. I explain to them that they when they come to my office I give them my undivided attention, I do not do paperwork, talk on the phone, and other office chores. This system helps me make sure that everyone is on the same page, and it saves a lot of miscommunication because someone didn’t hear information correctly. As a coach there are times when you have to remind them to look at you while you are speaking by mid-season this becomes their habit and it seems that everyone absorbs material.

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