July 2019 Coaching Tip

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Tip by Heidi Brady from North Brunswick, NJ.

One of my teams favorite drill is called ace and replace. They are the most competitive ever in practice during this drill which is why I like it so much.

On one side of the court three passers are on and the coach is the target. The rest of the team serves. If a server gets an ace they replace the passer they aced and that passer becomes a server (they must sprint to switch).

Passers can only continue passing until they get aced. The winner is the player who teaches 21points first.

Points are given by the coach each ball and players track their own points:
2 for an ace
-1 for a missed serve
2 for an in system pass
1 for a decent pass
0 points for an out of system playable pass

We usually play to 21

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  • I like this drill because you can change your scoring system to accommodate the level of play or emphasis of the day.

    Jack Wood on

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