August 2021 Coaching Tip

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Tip is by Coach Esther Witte in Mitchell, SD.

Hi! I always need fun names for volleyball drills so I can remember them. This one is called Meatloaf. (Meatloaf has really mixed up ingredients). This is a great warm up drill. Split your practice squad into two groups with one setter for each team. The setter always stays at the net. Two players start in the back row for each side. The other teammates are in two lines on the end line.

The coach enters a ball to one side with a down ball, free ball, chase, tip, or dig out of net ball--it is the coach's decision. One of the two passers, gets the first touch to their setter, the setter sets one of those back row players, and whoever sends the ball over the net then rotates out, and one of the teammates from the end line comes in quickly to fill that position. This drill has constant movement and can get very competitive. Communication is also a must! You score by putting the ball down on your opponent's side.

The coach alternates the entry ball going from one side to one side, so it is an equal opportunity drill. I typically stand where the down official would be.

We play to 25, and when you get to 25 you yell, "MEATLOAF." We love it!

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