The April Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

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Julie Filippo, Warren Township HS in Gurnee, IL.

Teaching the float serve to young players:

When teaching the float serve, I have my players stand about 1 foot away from the curtain that divides the gyms. I have them toss the ball up and contact through the ball, with the goal to trap the ball with their hand on the curtain. 

Next progression is to move to a wall.  Players will stand about  3 feet from the wall.      They will toss, contact and step toward the wall.  Their partner will stand about 10 feet behind them to catch the ball.  This is a great way to watch if their elbows are dropping and to see the contact area.  When hit correctly, the ball will sail right to their partner.  I have them contact 5 and then switch.

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