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Tip by Frank Largusa, of Hayward, CA.

Middleblockers: Look at the direction that the opposing middlehitters toes are pointing to indicate the direction of your opponents middle attack.

To predetermine the direction of your opponents middle attack, look at the direction of the middles feet are pointed. Right means back one side, straight is front one, left is gap or three.

Coach Speasl

Here is brief bio of our President, John Speasl.

John was a state champion greco roman wrestler in high school. John wrestled in college. After college he started to coach wrestling. He coached the U.S. team at the 1983 Junior Pan-Am Games in Mexico City.

While John was the wrestling coach at Southwestern Oregon Community College, the Dean of Students told John he was going to cut the volleyball program. John said, “You can’t cut volleyball.”
The Dean replied, “Then you coach them.”
John said, “I will.”

That was in 1979 when John took over the volleyball program at Southwestern Oregon Community College. He fell in love with volleyball and coached until 2013, winning over 600 games and he was a three-time NWACC coach of the year. He sent many girls onto four year schools and several even went on to play professional volleyball.

Coach Speasl’s April Coaching Tip

Serving: If the player is hitting the ball off either side of, or top of, or the heel of the hitting hand, they may be losing eye contact with the ball when the hit is made. Sometimes the player starts to look at the serve target during the serve.

The thing to emphasize to the player is that the most important time during the serve, is the time that the ball leaves the tossing hand until the time the hitting hand touches the ball. They must keep eye contact with the ball until the serve is struck. 

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