The February Go Cart Winning Tip

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Jessie Uribe, Excel NW Volleyball Club in Vancouver, WA.

We all do tri-line serve receive in practice. If you add a setter and hitter and have everyone set and hit, it teaches teams to play out all aspects even if you're focus is serve receive.

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  • We do a similar drill, three serve receivers are on for a designated time, if a side player passes the switch spots with the middle. If middle passes they stay. We designate a setter for the time and have her middle that she sets the most as the hitter for the time. The middle then works with the setter on reading the pass and deciding on a quick, shoot or slide depending on the set. other players are serving until the time is up and then we switch in new receivers, hitter and setter for the next time slot. We do 10 minutes each.

    Lesli Hiller on

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