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The September Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Tip by Jaimie Tiblier from Biloxi HS in Biloxi, MS.

Organization at Practice:

I create a practice plan and post it for our players. This plan helps with smooth transitions from drill to drill because our players know what to expect. Also, I post jobs daily for specific players, so there is never a question about setting up or picking up equipment. These simple tasks help maintain the tempo at our practices.

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The August Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Tip by Coach Lottie from Kentucky.

Warm up drill:

Start with 3 players on the court in zone 1,6, & 5, with the coach in the zone 3.  Coach tosses the ball to any of the 3 players...

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Coach Speasl's August Coaching Tip

Team building exercise:

In the first few days of fall practice it is kind of a fun thing to explain how important it is to be a team. A fun way to do it is to buy a bundle of pencils, chopsticks, craft dowels, 10 inch long sticks, etc

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