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The April Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Julie Filippo, Warren Township HS in Gurnee, IL.

Teaching the float serve to young players:

When teaching the float serve, I have my players stand about 1 foot away from the curtain that divides the gyms. I have them toss the ball up and contact through the ball, with the goal to trap the ball with their hand on the curtain. 

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Coach Speasl's April Coaching Tip


Sometimes it is nice to mix it up and what I mean is, several players have the knack or ability to serve unique serves. As a coach I think you should exploit these talents. Many coaches work on a particular style or type of serving and encourage their whole team to use that method. I think it is best to experiment in practice and find out who can do what....

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The March Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Tami Thomas, Rocky Ford Volleyball in Rocky Ford, Colorado.

During practice have players warm up with someone different each day. This allows the upper class man to get to know incoming freshman and helps team bonding. Maybe throw in some trivia on what each player learned about their partners that week.

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