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February Go Cart Winning Tip

Jessie Uribe from Vancouver,  WA.

When giving a losing team a consequence for games in practice, use the difference in score to dictate the penalty. For instance, if the final score is 25-20, then a consequence can be 5 tuck jumps. If the final score is 25-10, then 15 pushups. This teaches players to fight to the end.

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Coach Speasl's August Tip

A great fundraiser.

I have used adopt-a-player programs for years as a fundraiser. The best way I’ve found to do it is, gather your team in a classroom and have them bring a list of aunts, uncles, friends, youth pastors, dentists, etc, etc. Prior to the meeting, they should talk with mom and dad to make sure the list includes all of these peoples' addresses. Now in the meeting handout a sheet of paper for them to write a note on, the note they write will be what you have written on the chalkboard/white board for them to copy... 

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The February Go Cart Winning Tip

Jessie Uribe, Excel NW Volleyball Club in Vancouver, WA. We all do tri-line serve receive in practice. If you add...

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