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The July Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Tip by Mike Brandon, Gretna HS in Gretna, NE.

We do a drill called "Chaos" that encourages winning points in a row / stopping an opponent's run. It is a 6 on 6 drill that starts with a free ball initiated by Team B to Team A. Having the

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Coach Speasl's July Coaching Tip


I believe strongly in affirmations as they are a part of the positive thought process that we need to inject into our team consciousness. I truly believe you can set yourself up for success by predetermining how you want an event to turn out. There are many ways you can incorporate this into the practice, one of my favorite ways was preparation for serving.

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The June Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Typically a person's head and their vision does not transfer quick enough to see the hit and then follow the ball to the point of block and find that they are ready to dig up the blocked ball.

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