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The June Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Typically a person's head and their vision does not transfer quick enough to see the hit and then follow the ball to the point of block and find that they are ready to dig up the blocked ball.

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The May Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

All Cover Drill

To simulate block recovery and coverage, we run the following drill:

We will set up normal offense on 1 side of the floor.  I will place 3 girls directly in front of each hitter, with a ball in their hand, on the opposite side of the net.  I will have a cart in the middle, with 2 extra girls to supply the 3 on the front. I will also add 1 girl with a ball in a short back position. 

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Coach Speasl's May Coaching Tip

Players that get hit in the face:

It never fails someone is going to get hit in the face with a ball during practice. There is nothing like getting hit in the face, whether by a ball or person or something else, that will automatically change your attitude (to being bummed) instantly. The face is different than being hit anywhere else on your body.

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