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The November Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

This is a free ball drill, with the coach tossing in the balls. This full court drill has a team on each side, coach plays a ball in, teams play out the point. The team that wins a point sends the Right front player who runs outside the court to a basket with 5 balls in it that is located behind the service line of the opposing team an...

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Coach Speasl's November Tip

A great fundraiser.

I have used adopt-a-player programs for years as a fundraiser. The best way I’ve found to do it is, gather your team in a classroom and have them bring a list of aunts, uncles, friends, youth pastors, dentists, etc, etc. The list should include all of these peoples addresses that they can put together prior to the meeting with the mom or dad. Now in the meeting handout a sheet of paper for them to write a note on, the note they write will be what you have written on the chalkboard/white board for them to copy. 

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The October Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Tip by Greg Smith of Spokane, WA. 

Do NOT practice to perfection!

Used timed drills instead of outcome based drills (10 perfect passes). Avoid, "we will keep doing this until you get it right!!"

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