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The May Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

All Cover Drill

To simulate block recovery and coverage, we run the following drill:

We will set up normal offense on 1 side of the floor.  I will place 3 girls directly in front of each hitter, with a ball in their hand, on the opposite side of the net.  I will have a cart in the middle, with 2 extra girls to supply the 3 on the front. I will also add 1 girl with a ball in a short back position. 

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Coach Speasl's May Coaching Tip

Players that get hit in the face:

It never fails someone is going to get hit in the face with a ball during practice. There is nothing like getting hit in the face, whether by a ball or person or something else, that will automatically change your attitude (to being bummed) instantly. The face is different than being hit anywhere else on your body.

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The April Coaching Tip of the Month Winner

Julie Filippo, Warren Township HS in Gurnee, IL.

Teaching the float serve to young players:

When teaching the float serve, I have my players stand about 1 foot away from the curtain that divides the gyms. I have them toss the ball up and contact through the ball, with the goal to trap the ball with their hand on the curtain. 

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